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What are the do-flow forums
Do-flow is an HTML tag witch allows poster,thread starter who uses anchor text in his/her signature to share the PR of that particular forum .so with common sense the forums with DO-flow tag actually helps members to share PR.
Forums with NO-flow tag only give back links but not the PR.
I have gathered some information and prepare a list of DO-flow tag along with there PR and also Alexa rating so that the users do not waste there time on forums with minimal traffic.
One thing is for sure the forums are source of traffic, if you make excellent posts with your signature that reflects your sites category, eventually drive visitors to your site
The main objective of forums is gain knowledge, help others and get helped believe me that,s the true soul of forums i said that because most of my knowledge is sourced out from forums
Do not spam forums to make your post counts
it will do more harm then good to your reputation
and if you got negitive reputation, you will not get any traffic 

Forums List             GOOGLE PR   ALEXA RATING                  PR7                   4     API Developers 
SitePoint Forums                 PR7               2,009     Webmasters forum

forums.cnet                      pr7              13,178     Computer softwares                pr6               9,457     News and Movies                  pr6               2,521     PC help on any topic

DMN Genaral Forum                PR6             218,177     Digital Media

ozzu                             pr5               5,751     Webmasters forum

Submit Express Forums            PR5              19,035     Search engine SEO

Start Ups                        PR5              51,288     New business help

v7network                        PR5              32,583

Comic Book Resources Forums      PR5               5,608

TriPHP Forums                    PR5             110,131

Warrior Forum                    PR5               5.670     Webmasters forum       pr5               1,202     Hard/soft ware review

pomsinoz                         pr5              85,712     Australia Migration
world wind central               pr5             256,215        software developers
Digitalpoint PR4 1,244 Webmasters forum Harmony-Central Forums PR4 8,116 Music Forum Web Design Forum PR4 76,279  retireat21   pr4 17,850 For young webmasters mactalk pr4 30,884 Australia Apple/Mac Search Engine Round Table PR3 34,233 Search engine SEO
Webmaster Talk                   PR3              28,010
Marketing Chat                   PR3             223,833
Book and Reading Forum           PR3             404,493

Code 4 Gold                      PR3             136,346     Affiliate forum
Ableton Forums PR2 26,890 Hot 4s Forums PR2 420,474 My Next College PR2 737,286 Edu and collage       pr2              33,985     Wrestling games forum
forums.dctp                      pr2              50,390     Conan cartoon forum
michaelmyers                     pr2           1,178,518     Horror Forum                     pr1           1,512,260     Bikers Forum