Brief On Directories

The objective of this blog is to help Web masters to chose directories of their own choice .
Submission of web sites and blogs in Directories or adding url to directories is the main
ingredient of search engine optimization Because search engine optimization (SEO) is a game
of building links
The best way to increase is simple.

Add Your Site To Category Specific Directories.

I have gathered a hand some list of different types of directories
you can submit your site or blog directly from this blog.
no free submission services to these directories are offered from us yet.
You can chose directories of different categories from the side menu
our extensive web directories list will help you submit to directories more easily and get more one way text links to your site.

#1 Since there are many directories you wish to submit into,keeping track of all the submissions is a difficult task. there are different tools available on the net that helps web masters to submit URL,s more easily. I have collected some of them and put them into downloads section don,t hesitate to download,they are free.
#2 If you submit a URL more then (1) time, then there is high probability of permanent black listing of the URL on that directory specially in high PR directories.
#3 Always start your URL submissions from lower PR directories . It will give you a great advantage when you reach higher PR directories .If you start submission from high PR directories they will simply reject your proposal because high PR directories index web sites with high PR (example start=PR 0 end=PR 9 )

To keep a track of the performance of your web site I have placed a use full tool at the bottom of this blog it will be very help full for Web masters .

As a web master submits in more & more directories and the link excepted ,this tool will be a one stop reporter for your site pr and back links progress .


t is likely for some newbies to be puzzled by the special things used in web directories
we will explain it to you.

  • NICHE: It means that the directory is spacial in a particular field or category like Business,Arts,Science etc.
  • RECIPROCAL: This type of directories excepts submission only in return of a link exchange you have to place an anchor link on your site (any page) pointing to that directory(code provided on submission page).
  • PLACE FOR BID: In this category you have to give money to the directory to place your site in. higher the bid more exposure you get.
  • FREE: Most common and huge category. most of general directories are free,but with a disadvantage of long listing period.
  • PAID: A one time for life fee will be charged,off course worth more then free directories
  • ANNUAL PAID: Year on year basis payment is required ,good for long term projects.


Niche Directory List


This is list of worlds top article directories.
Article marketing is one of the most effective tool in Seo, despite the fact that other tools like video marketing Email marketing and every day changing rules in the world of Seo the article marketing is still have it,s effectiveness till i am writing this.
Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow and where would new trends leads Seo to.what we could do is just to follow new trends and keep the pace up to it,s max. so lets end the talk here and get down to business
Use this list of article hosting sites to distribute your articles
Publish your original article in only one site with highest PR and flood of traffic
then use the spin versions of the original one to publish in rest of the others
Make 10 spin copies for high pr directories and when you got approval in top ranked, distribute all of them in remaining because much of the low PR directories accepts articles almost ASAP.
Always proof read your work and don,t leave any grammatical and spelling mistake
For quick inclusion always check these guide lines.Writer's Digest Handbook of Magazine Article Writing
ARTICLE DIRECTORY URL                             PR
magportal.com7 132,405
pubs.acs.org/hotartcl 7 5,577
ezinearticles.com 6 390
buzzle.com 6 4,558
webpronews.com 6 10,767
articledashboard.com 6 31,957
articlecity.com 6 37,308
web-source.net 5 18,286
articlealley.com 5 27,472
ideamarketers.com 5 31,336
site-reference.com 5 68,243
articlecube.com 5 82,019
articleworld.net 5 129,651
ArticlesBase.com 4
free-articles-zone.com 4 67,623
articlegarden.com 4 68,549
directorygold.com 4 76,169
article99.com 4 88,329
a1articles.com 4 97,585
upublish.info 4 102,020
contentdesk.com/articles.php 4 140,295
theallineed.com 4 140,821
article-hangout.com 4 151,276
articlecodex.com 4 152,687
linksnoop.com 4 198,902
jogena.com/articles/content.htm 4 209,817
searchwarp.com 3 6,779
goarticles.com 3 16,543
amazines.com 3 26,093
isnare.com 3 26,787
articlesnatch.com 3 57,334
thewhir.com/find/articlecentral 3 66,681
articlesfactory.com 3 30,740
article-buzz.com 3 105,972
freesticky.com 3 121,575
excellentguide.com/article/ 3 138,227
thecontentcorner.com 3 177,520
valuablecontent.com 3 180,036
rightarticle.com 3 191,682
dime-co.com 3 200,767
ezine-writer.com.au 3 204,374
rlrouse.com 3 227,791
ultimatearticledirectory.com 3 229,585
submityourarticle.com 2 37,459
abcarticledirectory.com 2 66,295
articleblotter.com 2 122,145
articlehub.com 1 178,153
365articles.com 0 200,767
articlebliss.com 0 120,981
articleslide.com          0   90,096
Learn here about

How Many Article Directories Should You Use?



When you submit a website or blog to search engines by your self or submission service you give them information about your website like

Title, Url, Description, keywords etc.

So do to the directories but search engines depends on there software called spiders or crawlers. On the other hand directories depends on the information submitted by user it means directories rely on the users given information and search engines do not in most cases. Search engines crawl the whole web for relevant content where ever they are

Directories looks into there relevant categories
As Featured on ArticleCity.com
against the searched keyword, means more refined search that is why unique title matching with specified category is essential for submission in directory.

No matter in how many search engines you have your site listed in major search engines like Google and Yahoo do not consider that listing as a back link

But listing in directories does considered as a link

Most impotent is that the listing in directories with good page rank boosts your page rank and traffic

There are perceptions that submit into directories then search engine spiders will automatically index your website is true. But let me clear that submission in major search engines is as important as directory submission. It is very important because if the spider locates your site through a directory then it will index your site down under the directory’s listing information of your site, Very bad from SEO point of view.

Submitting your site to web directories is a key factor in SEO. It is a tuff job to do

But could be done easily. (HOW).I will show you

Tips for effective online website promotion

Tips for effective online website promotion by John Mahoney

Website promotion is the means of generating improved traffic to your website. Once you have spent so much time in producing an effective and attractive website for your company, you have to work at website promotion so that surfers will be aware of the presence of your website.

The first thing you have to do for website promotion lies in submitting your site to search engines and directories. This is because failure of submission to major search engines leads to more time required for the search engine to be aware of your website.

So the sooner you can get your website listed on search engines like Google and Yahoo, the sooner you can reap the advantages of website promotion. Submission of your website to online directories that have been indexed by search engines is also an effective means for website promotion.

Blogging is an effective website promotion tool

Once you have your website indexed in a search engine, you have to work on improving your ranking with the right website promotion tools like blogging. As blogs will be constantly updated with new content, you get more keyword density which leads to your website turning up more in organic searches.

Moreover, the more updates you make to the site, the more frequently search engine robots visit to site to find new content. And with blogs, you can create an rss feed where users can subscribe to updates and permits syndication of content across the web. While adding content to your website, you have to use keywords everywhere on the site.

Include them in the title, headlines, hyper links and of course, in paragraphs. With the right keyword density, you are easily found on the web. However too high a keyword density does not provide effective website promotion as this is considered to be spamming and can lead to your website getting blacklisted.

Place your URL wherever possible for effective website promotion

Creating an email list and then sending out e-newsletters to these emails is effective website promotion. This is best done when you develop a steady flow of traffic where you have to send newsletters with news, events, discounts and anything special to the recipients.

The most important point of this website promotion tool is that you are reminding the recipients of your identity and your service so that they will use your services or at least refer you to friends. You can also remind friends and clients of your services by placing your URL on letterheads, emails, sell sheets, voice mails, business cards, etc. This makes it easier for them to visit you and use your services when required.

Last, but not least, is using your site visitors and customer networks for website promotion by spreading the word about the services your site provides. You could consider creating a video to place in social networking sites like YouTube or perhaps write an article for another site. Once you get the ball rolling, there will be nothing to stop your website promotion.

John Mahoney is a freelance author who writes about various technology related subjects including Website promotion . For more information about John visit his website: www.techstore.ie .

Article Source: Tips for effective online website promotion
How to find a directory for submit your site.

How to find a directory for submit your site. by inside

Well what is the Web Directory ; Web Directories provides general or specific niches such as Business, Computers, Travel, Health etc. Web Directories lists your web sites title, description and links for the public user on internet.

And what is Web Directories type, basically three types web directories running on internet, first free directories, and second is reciprocal directories, and last one is paid directories.

So how to find quality web directories on the web for submitting your web site, here is the tips:

a. Write down your sites title, description, url carefully

b. Be realistic when writing your title and description , dont stuff keywords or illegal characters, can be cause spam. Be clear and understandable.

c. Try to use small urls like your home page do not submit subfolder - use the top-level domain or maximum sub domain.

When your own submit text ready, now you can start search quality web directories for submitting your site.

You can use major search engines Google, Yahoo, MSN for searching quality directories. For better finding try this keywords. Type keywords without quotes. Here is the populer keywords:

Add Your Site, Add Your URL, Submit Web Site, Submit Your URL, Web Directory, Free Web Directory, Reciprocal Web Directory, Paid Web Directory, Free Web Listing

Some web directories free , some of them reciprocal or paid, when you submit your site a Free Directory, your site will be listed freely on their site, when you submit your site a Reciprocal Directory you must link back them, or when you submit a Paid Directory, select their listing plans and pay them, your link will be listing.

Try the use quality directories if you want better ranking and traffic, web directories can provide your site more ranking on engines. Remember do more listing get more traffic.

You feel free to submit your web sites to our free Directories: Best Directory 4 You, Add Good Sites .Com, Web Director, Freedom.Ws

Article Source: How to find a directory for submit your site.


Blog Directories

There are millions of bloggers in the Blogospare you know that.
when i started this blog I wasted tons of my effort and 100,s of hour of time just submitting my blog to web directories BUT what is the end result.....
most of the directories did not even accept my listing or even if some of have do included my blog, no benefit
 got no PR shared, no traffic either.
Then i got familiarize with these sites as the time passed in my journey of Seo
now my blog is listed in all of the bellow (not exactly, some rejected me) so what
i got some traffic from them.  a very little
no PR i bleed out of them to be precise (Still I have lot to do in seo )
any way at least i got a little out of these.

Directory URL                                   PR                         Description

Technorati                   PR: 8
Blogarama.com                PR: 8
blogcatalog.com              PR: 7
eatonweb.com                 PR: 7
ping-o-matic.com             PR: 7 
blogtoplist.com              PR: 7
WeBlogALot.com               PR: 6
joeant.com                   PR: 7       paid Review $39.99
blogdir.co.uk                PR: 6
blog-directory.org           PR: 6 
blogroll.net                 PR: 5
biggerblogger.com            PR: 5 
blogrankings.com             PR: 4
Blogged.com                  PR: 5 
quickblogdirectory.com       PR: 5 
bloglisting.net/             PR: 4
blogbib.com                  PR: 5
blogexplosion.com            PR: 5 
addurlblog.com               PR: 5 
blogbunch.com                PR: 4 
blogsbycity.com              PR: 4
blogbunch.com                PR: 4  
blogflux.com                 PR: 4 
submitblogs.com              PR: 4 
topblogarea.com              PR: 4 
emarketingblogs.com          PR: 4 
bloghub.com                  PR: 4 
blogskinny.com               PR: 7
LSBlogs.com                  PR: 6
globeofblogs.com             PR: 6 
geekswithblogs.net           PR: 6
bloglinker.com               PR: 6
bloggapedia.com              PR: 6
poweredbywp.com              PR: 6
2-review.com                 PR: 5 
delightfulblogs.com          PR: 6
addyourblog.com              PR: 4
blogzdirectory.com           PR: 4
blogdirectory.info           PR: 4
DirBlog                      PR: 3
blogfolders.com              PR: 3 
add-blogs.com                PR: 3
BlogTagstic.com              PR: 3 
blogoxide.com                PR: 3
blog-search.com              PR: 3
blogz-search.com             PR: 3
bloggazines.com              PR: 3 
bloggingsmostwanted.com      PR: 3
creative-blogs.com           PR: 2
B4Blogs.com                  PR: 2
blogsthatfollow              PR: 4