Shahbaz Sharif Punjab gov dell inspiron n4050 laptop window 7 installation

My brother got a Dell Inspiron laptop (N4050) from Punjab government,s youth initiative initiative scheme. "Taking Punjab to a digital future"We are glad and thankful to Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Mian Nawaz Sharif for thinking about the youth. The laptop distribution ceremony held at The University of Punjab new campus Lahore, on 23rd March 2012.

But there are a few problems that most of the successful (congratulations) candidates experiencing when using the Dell laptop from Punjab Gov for the first time. The main issue is that when you open the box and start the system, OHH this is not windows it is some UBUNTO crap.

This is where the whole headache begin. I spend whole night to get windows 7 installed on the system. First of all, I done a mistake. like most of win xp users, i first entered win 7 DVD and format all the partitions. HURRAY now i not only lost Ubunto but having another problem. After installing win 7, the windows is not loading and soon after boot it shows a blue screen with a prominent error saying "A PROBLEM HAS BEEN DETECTED AND WINDOWS HAS BEEN SUT DOWN TO PREVENT DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER. IF THIS IS THE FIRST TIME YOU'VE SEEN THIS ERROR SCREEN RESTART YOUR COMPUTER. IF THIS SCREEN APPEARS AGAIN FOLLOW THESE STEPS:your system BIOS is not fully ACPI compliant with your system hardware contact your vendor "AND IN THIS BIOS IS CURRENTLY UPDATED AND VERSION IS A06 STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF7B6D528, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0X00000000) "

I tried each and every version of win 7 and tried many DVD,s just to make sure but no luck. then i try online for answers(on another PC)and found only a handful of answers most of which were not helping or just questions with no answers. Finally i found the solution.
IF you still have UBUNTO installed then follow these steps.

  1.  insert the DRIVERS & SOFTWARE cd and click on 'places' on upper left corner of desktop 
  2.  copy all the disk on partition other then in which you want to install windows and eject the disk. 
  3.  insert win 7 DVD 
  4.  restart and keep pressing F2 soon after restart 
  5.  go to advanced > SATA Operation. click enter > change the AHCI to ATA 
  6.  press F10 > YES 

system will restart automatically

a1. Press the F12 key soon after restart

a2. select BOOT sequence DVD/CD as first priority

a3. Delete and Format all the partition except the one in which you saved the software from drivers and software CD.

a4. choose the partition in which you want to install the windows and follow the steps.

a5. VERY IMPORTANT. after first restart, you will see a small pop up that asking for make and model of your laptop. DO NOT SKIP , keep pressing arrow until you see DELL and then enter N4050 in the empty box under the logo of DELL and press OK.

a6. when windows restart, press F2 again and DO NOT CHANGE THE ADVANCE SETTING, just change the boot sequence to hard drive as first priority > save and exit.

IF you have already deleted the Ubunto operating system:

  1. boot from win 7 DVD and when you see option of start installing windows, click on another option which should be Repair windows.
  2. when it prompt you to insert system restore or windows image file, press the browse button and eject the win 7 DVD.
  3. insert the Driver CD then browse the CD and left click on the folder named "Educational software and Drivers Pack" and click copy. Now go back and browse some other partition and left click and Paste.(this will take more then 15 minutes to complete the paste) 
  4. after success full copy, install the window 7 by following (a1 to a6) steps
  5. after installation and starting the windows it is time to install drivers.
  6. go to the software folder which you copied.
  7. no need to go in a sequence
  8. just double click on files in every folder and click on OK,s (remember which architecture of window you are using . 32bit or 64bit ? ) because you don't need 32bit drivers in 64 bit version, they will simply not work.
  9. when unzipping certain driver files you may get prompts to install the software immediate, don't be shy, go ahead and install.
  10. no need to restart your computer after every single driver install, wait to finish all the installation then restart your computer.

The above method worked for me and I installed Windows 7 Enterprise.

Hope this information help you guys out.

Added March 25

Do not go for windows XP. Installing windows XP is not going to work on these laptops as you may not find any suitable drivers for windows XP to match with the hardware.

I suggest to install win 7 (64 bit)and it is better if you install ultimate or professional addition. I bought an ACTIVATED DVD of win 7 from market. Also remember that win 7 is also available in simple two CD pack which is totally crap so spend some money on a good DVD.

After installation my computer properties window looks like this


I uploaded all the drivers for Dell N4050
if your cd is corrupt (just like our national government) download these drivers. all of these are tested and working fine on the system.

Drivers for Windows 7 (64 bit).



Communication (USB drivers)
you need all of these.

1. input1 input2 input3 input4