Local Business Optimization

As you know about the huge usage of internet that spread all across the globe in last few years specially in U.S and Canada.
The internet is the most powerful source of business advertising right from the beginning.
There are many ways for generating leads for businesses. even before the birth of the internet, there were Yellow pages, brochure and literally a thousand methods to promote the business.But after the internet the whole thing was changed.
people start using internet by creating their own website and placing adds on online yellow pages, which is still a good source of generating leads. But the king of all was yet to come. and now here it is. The Google Map
yes it is the most powerful advertisement technique the world wide web has to offer.
Today the mind set of the buyer has so changed that they don`t want to search on search engine, they need to know what is available around local area, which is the best company near my house for paint job, who is the nearest locksmith and for that purpose they use their PDA,s and Mobil phones by simply going on Google map and entering the quarry.The bottom line is that people now accessing the net in a more convenient way.
Now i want to share some facts about searching.
1. 95% of the U.S consumers search online and purchase offline.
2. 45% of the U.S households use internet for local services.
3. 55% of the U.S citizens have substituted search engines to the phone book.
so you impressed?
now the question is "where do i start"
the first one step is fairly simple by adding your business information on Google map. but thing get more complected when someone searches for your products or services in your local area, did people find you? in thousands of results.
here are some more facts. 98% of searchers never see pass through the first page of result and out of them 75% people goes for the first 3 listings.
then what so good to have a listing on Google map,s 2nd page, you know the answer.
The solution is simple but needs hard work and plenty of time to optimize the business on Google map
And for this, we are here to help you out in a very effective and affordable way
The Google map optimization is completely different from other techniques SEO
Unlike other link building methods, Google algorithm uses a different way to rank a business to the top position.
It verifies the business address and other information from other sources scattered on the internet and this method is called Citation.
Looks like pretty simple but that,s not as easy as eating an apple pie.
this job demands some expertise. There are protocols to follow for a nice first position result.
We offer this service for our clients on ELANCE . and if you want our services then our guarantee is  
"Pay For Result"
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