How to effectively raise your petition and report against the "innocence of muslims" and up loaders on

Assalam O Allaikum every one.
This post is a very small effort on "How to effectively raise your petition and report against the "innocence of muslims" and up loaders of these clips on"

The recent attack on our beloved prophet Muhammad demands us to take what ever action we could. As you all may know that the film,s different clips were uploaded on and the website has refused to remove those clips saying “We work hard to create a community everyone can enjoy and which also enables people to express different opinions. This can be a challenge because what’s OK in one country can be offensive elsewhere. This video — which is widely available on the Web — is clearly within our guidelines and so will stay on YouTube.”         

But together we can force Youtube to delete all those clips. One way to do so is just boycott youtube like Afghanistan Government has blocked whole Youtube and similar situation in some other Muslim countries. Google earns it,s revenue from Adwords and Adsense.


it is a product of Google where you can create your on line advertising campaign with setting your budget and target market. This is where google earns money.


this is the program which allows someone to post adwords adds in their own website and get a percent of earning from Google.

Youtube`s Role in Google,s earning

Youtube plays a major role in Google,s earning because it is one of the most viewed websites in the world and it is Google,s own property.
in this image you can see two Adds in one youtube page.

The add in the video is a pay per click add and that means when some one clicks on that add the advertiser,s account debeted and Google,s account is credited as per set budget of a click.
The add on the right side is a pay per click + impressions add. That means even if you don`t click on the add, google will still get money on just viewing (per 1000 impressions).

Now let,s get down to the business. Google has a very large client base in muslim world and without any doubt it hurts Google,s earnings when a large number of people stop watching youtube or stop using other Google products specially when it comes to whole wide countries.
But as and individual every one of us can take a part in telling Google to remove these clips.
Until now many of my brothers and sisters visited these videos and tried their best to demote these videos but a very small number of people does actually know how to FILE A PETITION or RAISE A FLAG against these videos on youtube itself.

By looking at the Dislike numbers, one can easily judge how many people want this video to be removed but remember pressing THUMB DOWN is not going to work.

Reporting the video

here are images with step by step instructions on how to FILE A PETITION or RAISE A FLAG.
a) login to your youtube account (you can use gmail account)

b) This is the original clip uploaded by the person(Sam Bacile, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula)
open this URL and first of all Pause it (DO NOT WATCH OR LISTEN TO IT).

c) follow the steps given in this image

1. click the small Flag button. A new section will drop down.

2. click Select a Reason.

3. select Hateful of Abusive Content

4a. click on abusing vulnerable individuals, then a screen will appear like this
just click the "submit video for review" and you are done.

4b. if you can write down some sentences for google to review, please chose "promotes hatred and violence" and select "religion" from the drop down menu and then write your petition in the text box and submit video for review as shown in this figure.
These are the links to all the videos.(until today, many people who want to promote these videos are uploading clips from there own accounts)

In order to stop those who are doing this, here is how to report the up loaders to block their youtube accounts.

1. just click on the uploader ID (you can open directly here on sam bacile)

2. on the profile page, you can see the report button, click it and then click on "report user" as shown in image below.

3. it will take you to another page where you can report as appropriate.
see the example image below

then press continue. when further options appear, mark the clips you want to report. Write some content in this box that why you want to report this user.

and submit the report.


The above method works most of the time but I am still not sure weather it is going to work if millions of people from around the world report these videos.
I hope my brothers and sisters that even if our efforts maybe worthless in this world but these efforts may become our turning point at the day of judgement.
Please spread the word for awareness. Remember me in your prayers.