The Google map listing optimization process consist of these steps

  • Creation of place page in Google map
  • Removal of duplicates
  • Building Citations
  • Creation of mini sites on Business review portals
  • Writing reviews
  • User content
  • Hyper local blogs

Creation of place page in Google map
Google map seo starts from even before creating the place page just like organic seo were one should first perform a key word research. Google allows 5 keywords named as “categories”. But with using 2 more keywords in business title, we get 7.
After keyword analysis we can create place page (approximately 1 hour to collect keywords from Google adwords tool)
>Create a Gmail account
A Gmail account is essential to create place page on Google map. The same Gmail account can be used in building citations (15 minutes)
>Collection of data
Use clients website to collect Description and any other info like working hours, number of employees, annual sales, products, services or ask the client about missing info.(2 hours)
>On place page seo + building the place page
There are some Google guidelines to follow such as
Do not use physical address or phone number except respective fields
Do not use company name except respective field
Do not repeat any thing provided before
Do not stuff category field with keywords
Do not use a phone number used by another place page
Use usps.com to verify actual address and zip code
Use maximum number of pictures and videos
Fill the information at 100%
>Verify listing by phone number
Not essential but helpful to prevent hijacking.
(1 Hour to check and recheck ever single aspect to ensure quality)

Removal of duplicates
Request Google to remove any duplicates created before with outdated date because these duplicates could suck all the juice of citations.

Building Citations
Now this is the heart of map seo. Google trust those who get trust of other people and rewards higher placement for higher trust level. It is not about liking; it is about how many people now you are there, providing services or selling products.
This is how we do this
  1. Internet yellow pages
  2. Local directories
  3. Business directories
  4. Niche directories
(20 days to 2 months)

Creation of mini sites on Business review portals
There are some premium business review sites that provides a full page listing for every business. Almost all of them also encourage people to review businesses (Google loves third party reviews). Keeping these mini sites up to date is very important.
Some examples are
  1. Yahoo local
  2. Yelp
  3. Insider pages
  4. Super pages
  5. Kudzu
(10 days to create profiles)

Writing reviews
It is advised to get legitimate reviews from actual clients but putting 4 to 6 reviews randomly on Google map and on review sites using different accounts and unique content would be helpful.
(1 day)

User content
This is much more like book mark. When people uses “My Map” on Google map and creates a location pointing to that particular business location, Google gives that business a plus point but Google takes too much time to pick these kinds of votes.
Creating some user content is a good idea but always use different Gmal id for this purpose. (1 day)

Hyper local Blogs
These kind of Blogs are very help full for building legitimate citations. Although building Blogs is a time consuming work but it worth making if you are serious in map optimization? (5 days)

Time frame
Well it deppands on compation, location and many other factors. Normally a place page could takes about 60 days because of Google slow citation picking process.

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